Feature Films In Development

Goodnight Anne

Feature Film (Psychological Thriller)

Anne wants to die. Jonathan can help… for a price. A simple transaction goes horribly wrong.

Writer: Luke Thornborough
Director: Luke Thornborough
Producer: Craig Gainsborough

Dead Fabulous

Feature Film (Gay Zombie Dancical)

John must outwit, outrun and outlive a catastrophic plague of gay zombies if he is to avoid infection and transform into the very thing he is most terrified of… a homosexual. A feature film adaptation of Dynamotion’s stage show Purple Rainbow; this is Shaun of the Dead meets The Rocky Horror Picture Show – a gay zombie dancical spectacular!

Writer: Thomas Sainsbury
Choreographer: Lara Liew
Producer: Craig Gainsborough

No Point Crying

Feature Film (Comedy)

Some films should never be made. If Andy is going to see this film through completion he must overcome his own shortcomings on one of the most bizarre, convoluted and challenging film sets ever. Based on the true story of the experiences of the crew.

Writer: Craig Gainsborough & Luke Thornborough
Producer: Sam Green & Craig Gainsborough
Production Company: Gainsborough Films (NZ) & Rite Media Group (US)

Films in Production


Short Film – Festival Circuit

Director: Julian Vares
Writer: Julian Vares
Producer: Craig Gainsborough
Cinematographer: Eoin O’Liddigh
Editor: Richard Lord
Starring: Tim Hamilton, Albertine Jonas, Peter Tait


Short Film – Festival Circuit

June and her dog Lucas have their lives changed forever as her parents separate.

Director: Craig Gainsborough & Luke Thornborough
Writer: Luke Thornborough & Melissa Nickerson
Producer: Craig Gainsborough & Kat Glass
Cinematographer: Leigh Elford
Camera Operator: Will Prosor
Dog Trainer: Rachael Butler
Starring: June van Beek, Jay Saussey, Brett Gribble


Short Film – In Post-Production

Writer: Luke Thornborough
Director: Luke Thornborough
Producer: Craig Gainsborough & Kat Glass
Cinematographer: Eoin O’Liddigh

Luckie Strike

Documentary – In Production

With support and funding from Loading Docs.

Director: Melissa Nickerson
Producer: Craig Gainsborough
Director of Photography: Will Prosor
Editor: Ainsley Calderwood